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Matt Davies Harmony Communities Looks at The Top 5 Essentials for The First Time Moving Out


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, moving out for the first time is a milestone for one’s growth into adulthood. Stockton is here to provide you with some of the most essential purchases to make your first move successful and stress-free.

The Essentials 

  1. Organizational Bins- Whether you are living with roommates, friends, a partner, or a family member, it is safe to say that you want to keep your things organized so that no one takes it for themselves. This may seem like an unnecessary step at first glance, but regardless of the sharing situation, it’s also good for you to know and remember where your belongings are and which types of foods you paid for are yours.
  1. Mini Toolbox- This miniature toolbox can be as little as a screwdriver and a couple screws. There are mini tool boxes that include the essential tools for most furniture, fixings, or crafts. This is a must even if it doesn’t include much. The toolbox can be added to overtime, but it is handy to have a box with all tools so that they don’t get lost or worse, stepped on. Yikes.
  1. Desk- You absolutely need a desk to have a place to work in your room. Whether your work is going through files, computer gaming, art, project planning, web design, etc., it is important to have a clear desk to be productive and have good habits to get up from your comfortable bed. Not only is it good for work and even your hobbies but it also helps you furnish your room! If you are limited to space in your bedroom, look for a table that is adjustable and can be placed against the wall or crease.
  1. Fan/Blankets- Depending on your location and the temperature surrounding you, the need for blankets and/or a fan in your room is high. Some locations may need both because of the different weather conditions. They are both crucial to not freezing or overheating in the comfort of your new home. Although these may be already provided and shared by whom you are living with, it is always nice to have at least your own because you are able to clean it and use it at any time. 
  1. Clothing hangers- This essential purchase may seem odd and most new movers would assume that it is already provided for them. While that could be the case, talk with whomever you are sharing your living space with and ask them if they accommodate you with some or not. Even if they do, you will most likely need to get more for your closet and the front porch/foyer closet for jackets and hoodies. 


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that being prepared is great for when you are moving out for the first time. You may discover new essentials along the way based on your likings. These essentials were more generic and widely needed for most people who are moving out based on their experiences. The best advice would be to NOT rush purchasing everything at once and to buy secondhand items to save your money. Have a successful first move!

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