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Most Popular Home Amenities Among San Antonio Homebuyers

What are exactly the most popular things every San Antonio buyer looks for? Well, although tastes are different, there are some things every one of them seeks for their home. We have done a little research on this topic and found out some of the main trends most of them stick to. To help you out in making your own home perfect living space, here are the most popular home amenities among San Antonio homebuyers.

The good location above all

This is the most popular question among homebuyers. Where exactly should they buy a home in San Antonio? According to the latest trends, people in this Texas city tend to move north. Most of them are enchanted by the beautiful landscape that Hill Country hides. However, this is not the only reason why people of all ages, but most families and young professionals decide to settle down in the north part of San Antonio. Namely, the neighborhoods in this area are famous for well-ranked schools, good medical care, shopping centers, and golf courses. For these, or for some other reasons, the trend of moving to the northside neighborhoods lasts for years now.

On the other hand, when we talk about people who are popular as luxury homebuyers, they usually seek a secluded place. Their goal is to create their own private realm, far away from the whole hustle and bustle. The stylish homes are no longer there to serve for boasting. Instead, their owners want to keep them all for themselves.

Stone Oak is one of the most popular northside neighborhoods in San Antonio.

The number of bedrooms- the most popular home amenity among San Antonio homebuyers

People would probably say- the more the better. However, things have changed a lot as it seems, and we have become more economic in a way. This is definitely supported by the fact that San Antonio homebuyers usually search for real estate that has no more than four bedrooms. Two and three-bedroom homes are also pretty popular, while five-bedroom homes can spend months waiting on the real estate market.

What’s more, the less space in the new home you have, the fewer things you will take with you. And it will be much easier to pack. Plus, if you find adequate assistance, your packing will be fast and effective.

And the number of bathrooms, too

Then again, if we talk about the most wanted home amenities among San Antonio homebuyers we cannot but mention bathrooms. Everyone dreams about not having to wait hours to enter the bathroom, or not being hurried up, on the other hand. Well, this one is possible only if you have more than one bathroom at your disposal in your home. The research showed that people in San Antonio think their perfect home should have two or three bathrooms.

Only a small number of homebuyers were interested in having more than three bathrooms in their new home, but that’s for a good reason. The more bathroom you have, the bigger will be your cleaning chores and the plumbing mishaps as well.

Solve the everlasting bathroom queue problem and get yourself a multiple bathroom home.

The more technologically advanced the better

We live in the era of technological development. Then, it should not be surprising that nowadays homebuyers tend to equip their homes the best they can. Kitchen appliances simply go without saying. However, even there, modern homebuyer seeks the best, especially in luxury homes. Lights and air conditioners are controlled remotely for a long time, but modern technologies allow us to control them via our iPhones as well.

On the other hand, more and more homes these days are monitored by various security systems. Although it may be one more additional expense on the list, keeping your property secured should not be a luxury nowadays. Think about this before you buy a new real estate and start organizing your relocation via, and with the best moving experts you can find in Texas.

Outdoor and indoor preferences of the luxurious homebuyers

Luxury homeowners, especially those who have a chance to move to a new home simply want to make it perfect every single way. Here are some of their preferences.

  • A private place to exercise.- The fast life pace leaves us less and less time to devote ourselves to healthy habits. However, if you have something like your own gym space in your home, well, that can change things for a bit. That is why home gyms are one of the top amenities of every luxury home. And if they are accompanied by a small sauna, well then it’s a jackpot.
  • Outdoor kitchen and eating area.- Just imagine an outdoor BBQ and a small bar in your own garden. What can be a more suitable amenity for a perfect family home than this one? Not only will you have a place for every minute of the nice weather during the year, but you will also have an excellent area to gather your friends and make a relaxing outdoor party.
  • A swimming pool.- And this is really a dream of every single man- to have a private swimming pool in their garden. Depending on the size and all the additional equipment, they can go from the simple ones to those with slides and small waterfalls for a greater experience.

A swimming pool counts as one of the luxury amenities.

The price matters as well

The average price of a typical home in the area of San Antonio goes around $200k. However, as the number and type of amenities change, their price can go up even to $400k. Once you define your budget, you may start your search.

For now, let’s make a recap just in case. The perfect and most popular home amenities among San Antonio homebuyers are the following:

  • located in some of the north San Antonio neighborhoods
  • having four bedrooms
  • and at least 2 bathrooms
  • with the best possible technological amenities
  • gyms, outdoor kitchens, and swimming pools are optional

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