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Pandemic Home Remodeling: Giving New Life to Your Old Home in Easy Steps

We spent a lot of time at home in 2020, so it’s no wonder that many homeowners are fed up with the four corners of their houses. As we go through 2021, the effects of COVID-19 are seen throughout various sectors, including the renovation industry. Considering the fact that renovation projects rose by up to 38% in the past year, we can infer that people desire comfort, an updated look, and places that meet the needs of their modern lifestyle now more than ever. Buildertrend, the industry’s leading construction project management software, ensures that today’s remodelers are up to the task. So what do you think homeowners will request in the coming months? We’ve highlighted some of the top home remodeling trends of 2021 to meet your expectations.

Revamped Entertainment

Requests for entertainment and recreational room design assistance have lately started to outnumber family room renovations, which were the dominant trend for the previous eight to nine months. The pandemic continues to teach us new ways to make the most of the space we spend our time. As a result, many homeowners have exhausted their design options for the most frequently used rooms in their houses and are now seeking professional guidance on what rooms or regions in their homes might be given new life. Basement remodeling projects are an excellent option to add a leisure space to your home, and they have been in high demand in the final quarter of the year. We anticipate that this will become increasingly prevalent during the coming year. The world is particularly interested in in-home cinemas, indoor bowling lanes, complete house bars, indoor golf simulations, and bouldering walls. It’s been fascinating to watch designers and clients get creative with out-of-the-box basement options such as garage–to–home-gym conversions, guest-bedroom–to–at-home-arcade-room conversions, and the newest, home-library–to–Lego-collection-display conversions.

Transformed Outdoors

Winter, like the pandemic, will not endure forever. According to early estimates, if most people get vaccinated, we can expect a much more “normal” summer. That implies individuals will be allowed to hold smaller events again, mainly if they are hosted outdoors. Outdoor areas have never been more valued, and this trend is expected to continue. Therefore, now is the time to consider an outdoor fireplace installation.

Sanctuaries for Work

After the pandemic, I think we will see an even more significant rise in demand for home or workspace renovation, whether it is the conversion of existing guestrooms and free additional spaces into offices or the construction of purpose-built home offices on empty land. The focus will be establishing functionalities that can be used for both living and working purposes, such as built-in furniture that can be hidden or used for work and storage or ramping up soundproofing in foundation walls and other areas to provide a quiet working environment, among other options.

To enhance their concentration, inspiration, and productivity, people will spend more time and effort establishing a one-of-a-kind workplace environment that is unique to them. The setting, colors, décor, and furniture significantly affect your mental and physical state of mind. People are happier when exposed to bright lighting, whereas ambient sounds aid individuals in focusing. On the other hand, poor air quality may reduce productivity.

Revamped Kitchens

Remember how everyone baked banana bread during the start of the pandemic? Although most people have moved on from that recipe, we are all still in the kitchen. With fewer people dining out, there will be more people gathered around the oven. And as the saying goes, if there are too many cooks in the kitchen, we need to create more space! Multi-zone kitchens are on the rise. People nowadays prefer cooking areas that enable everyone to move freely around the room, with no dead ends. Frequently, this entails constructing enormous kitchen islands large enough to handle preparing, cutting, and serving countless loaves of banana bread — all at the same time.

Bathroom Spas

Zen is what we’re all looking for in 2021, and where else should we look for it but at home? Because residents are unable to visit a spa, remodelers may bring the spa to them. You can invest in freestanding baths and bidets. Remodelers will be busy this year assisting others in unwinding. All that remains is for homeowners to bring their candles and a bottle of wine.

By being updated on the top home renovation trends of 2021, you will know what construction teams work on to keep homes in tip-top shape. Furthermore, the demand might be higher in the coming months as more people spend time at home and want to change things up.

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