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Plants That Will Help You Rid Your Property of Pests


If you want to have beautiful flowers in your curated garden and well-groomed trees you need to hire the services of professionals by looking up “landscape companies near me”. However, the plants and trees in your yard and garden wouldn’t look great when there is a pest infestation. You can get rid of them with harsh chemicals or go organic with these plants to rid your property of pests:

The Plants

  1. Basil – Basil is a great plant that creates tasty leaves. You can use them fresh on your pizza and salads or dry them and mince them into a seasoning. You can also grow them along with other plants like tomatoes, to increase their yield. However, did you know that basil can also repel insects? It produces oils that keep away flies, thrips, and mosquitoes. Your plants remain safe, and you won’t be bothered by annoying mosquito bites when you relax in the backyard after dark.

  1. Borage – Borage will become the workhorse among other plants in your garden. If you grow cabbages and tomatoes in your garden, this plant will help to keep away pests like cabbage worms and tomato hornworms that ruin your produce. Moreover, they also attract certain wasps and bees that facilitate pollination. The plants also add beneficial trace elements to make the soil richer.

  1. Catnip – Apart from cats, this incredible plant can keep away almost everything in the vicinity. The list of bugs it keeps away can be very long and includes Japanese beetles, aphids, flea beetles, squash bugs, weevils, and more. You can even dry them and pack them in sachets to get rid of ants and other bugs in parts of your home, especially the kitchen. Certain varieties of catnips like Six Hills Giant also create beautiful blue blooms. So, you get immense function along with aesthetics.

  1. Artemisia – Artemisia is a fragrant plant that creates an aromatic antiseptic that isn’t unpleasant to humans, but successfully keeps away insects. When you plant them in small pockets, you can also keep away many small animals. However, you need to be careful and keep them away from your veggie garden, since some varieties of this plant can produce botanical poison.

  1. Chrysanthemums – When you plant Chrysanthemums in your garden you can repel Japanese beetles and other insects. They also look amazing with their white blooms and can fit in any flower garden. However, the best way to use them is to extract pyrethrum. This compound acts as a natural pesticide that doesn’t have any adverse environmental effects and can get rid of all sorts of bugs from your garden. You can also spray it in your home and other parts of your property to get rid of silverfish, fleas, roaches, ticks, bedbugs, and even ants.

  1. Dill – Every home, backyard, or patio herb garden has this plant. It can be an amazing seasoning for all kinds of food and can become a potent insect repeller. To keep pests in check, you should plant dill along with other crops. For instance, if you plant it a small distance away from tomatoes, dill can attract tomato hornworms to limit the destruction to a small area. Sprinkle a bit of dill on your squash plant and it keeps away squash bugs. Moreover, dill also attracts predatory wasps, beautiful butterflies, and hoverflies in your garden to take care of the crawling critters. You can also keep away spider mites and various aphids with this plant.

  1. Chives – Chives look wonderful with their grassy foliage and add immense flavor to your ingredients. If carrot rust flies and Japanese beetles are becoming a menace, this plant can keep them away. Scab can also act as a wonderful insecticide and fungicide for your fruit trees. If you have apple or pear trees in your garden, plant chives at the base of those trees to prevent diseases like scabs and restrict climbing insects.

  1. Marigolds – You may be aware of this plant’s ability to repel insects. However, you may not know that different varieties of these plants target different insects. For instance, Mexican marigolds repel destructive insects and can also keep away rabbits. Plant some French marigolds to get rid of bad nematodes and whiteflies. Remember to always go for scented marigolds. Those that don’t emit any scent aren’t good at repelling insects. Marigolds also attract certain harmful bugs like snails and spider mites. Hence, you need to take other measures or have other snail and spider mites repelling plants like dill and garlic to balance things out.

  1. Four O’Clocks – This plant is a treat for Japanese beetles. However, little do those pests know that they won’t be able to finish their meal since the leaves are poisonous. However, you need to be careful with these plants since they can also be poisonous to you and you, your family, and your pets. Cover them in a mesh casing that has gaps big enough for insects, but small enough to not allow the hands and tongues of your curious kids and pets.

  1. Sunflowers – Sunflowers can be gorgeous when they are in full floom and facing towards the sun. They can also be the sacrificing soldiers who protect other plants in your garden. They draw ant colonies and aphids towards them. However, you don’t have to worry since it’s a tough plant that is highly resilient to damage.

  1. Lavender – Lavender is a must for any flower garden. The beautiful blue blooms along with the mesmerizing scent create a wonderful ambiance as soon as you set your foot in the garden. Like humans, many beneficial insects also love lavender and are attracted to your garden. It also keeps away moths and fleas that destroy foliage and produce.


When you have these plants in your garden, you can get rid of most pests and annoying infestations. When your property is safe from those unwanted elements, you can get professionals to beautify it by searching for “landscape companies near me”.

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