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Popular Kitchen Backsplash Tile Trends In 2022

Everyone loves cooking and enjoys eating, until and unless it comes to the cleaning part that follows right after that! Preparing food for your loved ones is one thing, but the real hustle comes when it is all about cleaning.

Although, it is almost impossible to avoid mess while cooking. Oil spills and spices will be mostly everywhere on the countertop and not to forget the smoky residue that deposits on the wall behind the stove! Cleaning these things is  daunting that every home-cook, chef   or anyone who loves cooking, goes through almost every single day.

However, there is a way to avoid getting the walls behind the stove dirty, and that is by installing kitchen backsplash tiles. Earlier, backsplashes were used as a functional convenience, but today they serve as the trendy and stylish pieces for your kitchen.

Backsplashes don’t just protect your walls, but also add colors, prints, and even texture to your beautiful kitchen. A backsplash is basically a standing surface that is installed straight on the wall behind the kitchen countertops and protects it from water, oil, and other splashes.

In other terms it acts as a protecting surface for your kitchen which is easy to clean.

Aesthetically, backsplashes also work as an important design element for your kitchen that can either make or break your whole kitchen look.

What to look for before choosing a backsplash tile?

When it comes to the backsplash tiles, there are many aspects of cooking zones that you need to consider. You can choose from many available designs and colors for your kitchen. No matter what style, color, pattern, or print you choose for your kitchen, Grease, Heat, Moisture, and  Stains will show up on the backsplash tiles. So, you will  need backsplash tiles that protect your kitchen from the above elements and at the same time looks stunning as well.

Here is the list of all the 2022 kitchen backsplash tile trends that you need check out

Glass backsplash tiles

Glass backsplash tiles are the first and foremost choice when it comes to the kitchen backsplash design. That’s because glass tiles are easy to clean and maintain. What makes glass tiles an interesting choice is that you will need very little time to remove the toughest stains due to its slippery surface.

Apart from its easy to clean properties, glass backsplash tiles are also fire resistant, thus making it perfect for your kitchen.

Also, you can buy glass tiles according to your kitchen theme as they are available in a ton of colors, prints, and textures.

Note: remember that certain types of glass backsplash tile need additional grout space to expand when installed behind a cooktop due to heat. So, before going for the installation process, do check this with your manufacturer.

Porcelain and ceramic backsplash tiles

Another popular backsplash material is porcelain and ceramic which is not just durable but is also fireproof that can easily fight unpreventable oil spills and sauce splashes. All these while offering multiple ways to get creative.

Porcelain and ceramic backsplash tiles don’t just look great but are affordable as well.

Marble backsplash tiles

Marble backsplash tiles are very elegant and offer a very premium looking design along with a durable finish. If budget is not an issue, marble is the perfect choice for your kitchen. Not only is marble durable and stylish, but it is naturally fireproof.

However, natural stones also add a luxe touch to your kitchen but the only thing to keep in mind is that natural stone has a rough surface where grease and stains start building residue.

So, if you ever happen to choose natural stone, go with one with a smooth  appearance. Another thing to keep in mind is if you choose marble or slate or granite, you need to make sure your tiles are sealed regularly.

 If you keep these things in check, you can enjoy the detailed and luxurious marble backsplash tiles that acts as a centrepiece of your kitchen.

Shell and pearl backsplash tiles

Pearl is another backsplash material that is in demand nowadays. They are not only delicate but are more durable than you think. This material is made by trimming the inner surface of the pearls to give that shiny finish.

When paired with marble, ceramic, or glass, it looks absolutely stunning. Shell and pearl backsplashes are extremely durable, but do require some maintenance. If you want your pearl white backsplash to look shiny throughout its lifetime, seal the edges properly, keep the surface clean by avoiding harsh surfaces.

Pearl tiles are available in a range of grout less options. Less grout lines means less to scrub and this means, you can just clean the tiles with a damp cloth.

Gray marble backsplash with white cabinets

Gray marble backsplash followed by white cabinets is the perfect combination, if your kitchen’s theme is white or gray. This combination gives your kitchen a soft and natural touch.

Along with gray marble, you can also add wood cabinets which also look equally stunning.

Multi-colored and patterned backsplash

If your kitchen is much more advanced, get a multi-coloured and patterned backsplash that also acts as a centrepiece. Multi-coloured and patterned backsplash adds life to and colors to any plain themed kitchen.

Apart from that, this backsplash design gives your kitchen a classic touch and fine detail. All in all, gray cabinets with the same shade of countertops, pairs the best with patterned backsplash tiles.

Black geometric backsplash tiles

Black is the color that adds beauty to everything. And when it comes to the kitchen backsplash, black tiles give it a modern touch. Pair it with wooden cabinets and enjoy the warmer atmosphere every single time.

If you want to give your kitchen a more modern look, add black geometrical backsplash along with white countertops and wooden cabinets and voila! Your kitchen will look neat and detailed.

Final thoughts

The market for kitchen backsplash is growing extensively and the trends keep changing constantly. This latest kitchen backsplash tile trends are all about striking shapes, vivid patterns, and bold textures. Look for such styles when you renovate your kitchen next time. You can visit to shop tiles according to your needs.m.

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