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Preparing Your Back Garden To Keep Hens In It

Hens are becoming increasingly popular for people to adopt from battery farms when they have served their time and give them a new home in their garden. There are many places throughout the UK where you can adopt hens and house them in your garden, and they can make excellent pets and get on well with other animals. However, you will need to prepare space for them in your garden and get everything in place before they arrive. Below you will find some of the things you will need to do to give them a wonderful home that is safe and secure for them to provide them with an excellent quality of life.

A Home For Your Hens

You will need to consider how many hens you want to adopt, and the number of birds you get will determine how big their chicken coop and run need to be. Each hen will need around one square meter of space on the run, about 25cms of perch space, and about 30cm square of floor space for them to roost. Look at your garden, see how much space is available, and decide how much you want to give over to the chicken coop and run. Once you know the size of the chicken coop you can have, you can then work out how many birds you can adopt and look for a suitably sized chicken coop for sale.

Finding A Suitable Chicken Coop

Whether you are looking for a small chicken coop or a large one, you will find plenty of options available when you search online. Always check the measurements to ensure it is the correct size, and you can also consider making it yourself or commissioning it to be built for you by a local carpenter. You will want to use a quality wire mesh that has small enough holes and that you have wire mesh over the roof to prevent birds of prey from attacking your hens. Ensure that the chicken coop is not too close to trees and bushes, which can give predators somewhere to hide in your garden as they stalk your hens. Try to ensure the chicken coop door faces south, which will maximise the daylight the birds receive throughout the year.

Food For Your Birds

You will also need to ensure that you have plenty of suitable food for your hens to give them a healthy and balanced diet. You will want to feed them a purpose-made chicken feed full of the nutrients required to stay healthy. You can also supplement their food with scraps from the kitchen, including vegetables, fruit, cooked rice, or cooked pasta. Once your home is ready and you have everything you require, you can start looking for hents to adopt.

Finding Your Hents To Adopt

There are various places where you can adopt a hen for a charitable donation, usually a couple of pounds per bird. The easiest way to find the closest one to where you live is to use social media and look for local places on platforms such as Facebook. You can find the most convenient one for you and finds the hens you will adopt and welcome into your family

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