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Pros and Cons Of Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

Ceramic sinks are a very popular choice for people who are remodelling their kitchens, and with good reason. These sinks are made using cast iron which is surrounded in clay and then fired at a high temperature, this is what leaves the glaze which coats the sink. Contrary to what many believe, these sinks are not overly expensive and there are many which you can find at affordable prices. Ceramic sinks are found in hardware stores across the country and today we are going to take a look at some of the pros and cons which you can expect when you invest in this particular type of sink, let’s take a look.

Pros of a Ceramic Sink

We’ll first start with some of the clear benefits which those who buy these types of kitchen sinks can enjoy. One of the main reasons why so many like to purchase this kind of sink is that they look great in just about any type of kitchen. That natural gloss which the material offers really grabs the eye and these sinks can be combined with just about any theme which you already have in the kitchen.

Regarding durability this is one of the best sink choices on the market, owing to the production process which leaves a solid surface area on the ceramic. Unlike stainless steel sinks, ceramic sinks are very tough to dent when washing heavy items. Additionally this is one of the easiest materials to clean, making maintenance very simple, further adding towards its long life. And finally it is worth noting that these sinks come in a range of colors, not just the white ceramic which we so often see.

Cons of a Ceramic Sink

There are many benefits of these types of kitchen sinks but there are a couple of drawbacks which are worth bearing in mind before you buy. Whilst it may be tough — near impossible in fact — to dent a ceramic sink, they can most certainly be chipped and cracked, which can be a nightmare with regards to repairs. Once that glaze is compromised the surrounding area can quickly discolor. The toughness of the ceramic sink has another drawback too, in that it will easily crack, chip or break any plates or crockery which you drop onto the surface.

A final consideration for you here is that these sinks are not exactly environmentally friendly in terms of their production. If this is something which is important to you then it may be worth looking for a sink which is slightly more green. The production of ceramic sinks requires a great use of energy, plus the fact that the materials are mined from the Earth.

All told this is a great sink option which is going to look beautiful inside your kitchen. The long lifespan and the easy maintenance is what encourages so many to buy a ceramic sink, but it is going to be important that you consider some of the downsides which investing in this kind of kitchen sink will bring.

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