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Renovating Before Selling: Attracting Millennials to Purchase Your Home

It is not necessary to renovate your home before selling. Many sellers successfully managed a home sale even if they did not do anything to improve their properties. But if you are after a better home-selling value, it helps if you commit to some home improvements. The question is, which projects are worth your investment and which ones can better attract millennial homebuyers?

Today’s largest generational cohort is Generation Y, also known as the millennials. They already surpassed Baby Boomers and Generation X in the consumer market. This is one reason many are targeting millennials in selling their properties.

Homeowners want to make the best out of their home selling experience. Others are even willing to shed some cash to tackle upgrades if this will guarantee a great return on investment. If you have the same goal and you aim to sell your home to Generation Y, here are some renovation tips you can consider.

Remember About Millennials’ Love for Convenience

Millennials are willing to pay more for houses if these can conveniently make their lives easier and more comfortable. Keep in mind that millennial homebuyers love to use technology, from how they shop for homes to how they choose to pay for goods and services. They make use of strategies that makes it easier for them to tackle tasks the fast way without sacrificing efficiency.

With this in mind, it is easy to think that millennials are only after high-tech home upgrades. This can include investing in smart home security systems, smart watering systems, and smart thermostats. But know that these are not the only upgrades you can invest in.

Think of low-maintenance projects that can last a lifetime. For instance, when renovating the kitchen, consider your next countertop to be granite. You get to enjoy a countertop that is unique in appearance, environment-friendly, durable, and low maintenance.

Keep the Environment in Mind When Renovating

Millennials are advocates for the environment. Most of them are passionate about incorporating habits that are eco-friendly and sustainable. By investing in green and sustainable renovation projects, you can quickly catch the attention of millennial homebuyers.

For one, think about your landscaping. Beautiful, green, and sustainable landscaping will sure make any millennial fall in love with your curb appeal. You don’t necessarily need to make a considerable investment to turn your landscape into a more environment-friendly one.

Just make sure you invest in landscaping ideas that are also low in maintenance. This is since many millennials have more than one job to sustain their needs. This means most of them don’t have much time to tend to a demanding landscape.

Think of sustainable home improvement projects that offer the best return on investment. As much as possible, use green and sustainable materials. Invest in energy-efficient upgrades, and millennials are sure to notice your efforts.

Consider a Bathroom Upgrade

One project many millennial homeowners are invested in is bathroom remodels. They are tired of bathrooms that waste tons of water. They want more than just beautiful bathrooms where they can pamper themselves and do their personal businesses in.

Millennials love environment-friendly bathrooms. This means they like their bathroom to be energy-efficient and water-efficient as well. This only shows that smart bathroom remodels are a must for your millennial buyers.

If you don’t mind the investment, consider low-flow water fixtures as your next installation project. Think of low-flow showers, faucets, and toilets. Instead of installing a bathtub in the master bathroom, consider dual shower heads instead.

Invest in Better Lighting

Millennials like their home lit with energy-efficient lighting. They don’t like the idea of wasting money on cheaper lighting alternatives when this means they will need to replace the light bulbs often. Think of LEDs and CFLs as your go-to lighting solutions.

Don’t simply assume that task lighting is enough for a modern home. Millennials nowadays make use of different types of lighting to accomplish various tasks. They also invest in accent and ambient lighting to add a dramatic effect to their home.

Don’t forget about solar lights. These sustainable lighting solutions are mobile, saves you money in the long run, and require no maintenance. These are safe lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

This list shows what millennials are after in a home. They want a comfortable and convenient home that is also energy-efficient and good for the environment. They are also willing to pay more if it means buying a smart green house that makes their way of living easier. SO, if you want to boost your home value and make millennials want to buy your home, these are renovation tips you would like to keep in mind when renovating before selling.

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