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Selling your Home? Cost-Effective Renovation Ideas

With so many properties on the market in Australia, it can be stressful experience to find a buyer, and unless your home is a veritable palace, it might be best to carry out a few alterations to make the property look more attractive to a potential buyer. Here are a few cost-effective ideas to make the front of your property more inviting for potential buyers.

  • Resurface the Driveway – There are affordable asphalt car park repairs in Brisbane from an established company who can resurface the driveway, leaving your front elevation looking attractive. There’s nothing like a freshly covered driveway, and with new edging stones, the front view of your home will be inviting.
  • Power Wash – If you rent a power wash machine for the weekend, you can clean the roof, the driveway and all the paths, which can transform how your property looks from the front elevation. This can also be used to clean the terrace at the rear of your property, and this epic machine removes all traces of ground in dirt and grime, restoring the surface to its original condition.
  • Trimming the Hedges – If you have a hedgerow or a line of conifers, have them trimmed by your local landscape gardener, along with a general tidy up of the front garden. If the front garden looks tidy, the chances of potential buyers viewing the property are greatly increased, so take a good look at the front of your home and take note of what could be improved.
  • Repainting – Why not have the roof fascia & soffit boards repainted? Also, any timber can be repainted, or re-stained, including the fencing, which will make the property look more inviting. There are special home staging companies that will assess your home and offer you a few staging packages, depending upon your budget, and home staging is a popular way to sell a home quickly.
  • Garage Door – If the garage door has seen better days, a coat of paint or even a replacement will transform the front elevation, and let’s not forget the front gate, which should also be made to look its best.

The above improvements will most certainly make your home look more attractive to a potential buyer, and for a relatively small investment, you can sell your home and move on to the next exciting chapter of your life.

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