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Signs you need to replace your front entry door

Front entry doors do not only provide access to the house, they also contribute to the house’s aesthetics and energy efficiency. Regardless of when you installed the front entry doors, you may need to replace them over time. But the question is: what signs do you need to know that it is time to replace your front entry windows? Read further to know the tell-tale signs you should look out for.

1. Difficult Operations

It should not be a hassle to open and close your windows and doors. But when opening or closing your front entry door has become one of your workout routines, consider replacing the door soon. The hinges are likely out of place, the door may have misaligned, or you may experience frequent door joins. All those signs indicate that your front entry door should be replaced.

2. Moisture Between the Panes of Glass

Like some windows, some doors have two panes of glass. Due to wear and tear, the seal between the panes may fail and allow moisture into the panes. Consequently, there may be condensation, mold, and mildew in-between the panes. You should replace the front entry door as soon as possible to prevent the mold from spreading to other parts of the house, especially if the entryway is shaded away from sunlight.

3. Physical Damage

If your entry door is warped, weathered, or cracked severely, you should replace it soon. Doors can take the beating for a long time, but it begins to lose its structural integrity over time. Inspect the door for cracks, warping, sunk hinges, a damaged lock, and the gap between the door and doorframe. These are signs your front entry door needs replacement.

4. Drafts

Do you notice hot air or cold air blow through the front entry door into your home? That sign shows that your door is up for replacement. If you have to stuff a towel under the door to prevent the freezing air from entering the home, plan to replace the door.

5. Water Damage, Insect Damage, or Rust

If you have experienced water damage or insect infestation in your home before, and your door was affected, you may need to replace the door soon. If the wood has become soft and the metal components of the door have rusted, replace the front entry door as quickly as possible.


The signs discussed above are some of the signs your front entry door needs to be replaced. However, contact a reputable windows and doors company to replace your front entry door. Keep in mind that there are new styles and energy-efficient models on the market.

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