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Solar Panel Installation Companies Near Me: How to Choose One

How do you choose the right solar panel installation companies near me? There are many different companies to choose from and so many options to consider.

Don’t get overwhelmed! Here is what you need to know about finding the right solar installation company for your home improvement project.

Online Reputation

Like any reputable company, solar companies have online reviews in place. Customers can rate the solar company and leave written reviews. These customer feedback elements will help you get a better understanding of the company you’re dealing with.

Look for customer ratings around the five-star mark, or as close to it as possible. No company is perfect, and even big brands have less-than-perfect ratings. Solar companies with very low ratings may indicate something undesirable, so watch out.

Customer reviews can help you make the final decision in hiring a solar company. Written or video reviews can detail the overall customer experience, level of service, and quality of the work. Read through both positive and negative reviews to know for sure what you’re getting yourself into.

NABCEP Certified and Experienced

Solar installation companies should have NABCEP certification and have two or more years of experience. NABCEP is the gold standard when it comes to your solar installation. You can trust a solar company touting NABCEP certification.

Proper Licenses and Insurance

Solar installers are business entities that need insurance and licensing to operate. Solar equipment is high-tech, requiring skilled hands to properly install all of the parts in the system. Business licenses indicate quality and legitimacy.

Solar companies should typically have insurance and some of these licenses:

  • General liability insurance
  • Home improvement license
  • General contracting license
  • Home performance contracting license
  • Electrician license

You want to make sure you are working with a legitimate solar company that has all of the proper licenses in place.

Impressive Work History

Solar companies are happy to show you their past projects from previous clients. Look through their photo album of past projects and see if you like them or not. Customer testimonials can add credibility to the work history.

Warranty and Maintenance

Solar installation projects can go smoothly most of the time, but something may go wrong in rare cases. A workmanship warranty can cover any repairs related to the original installation.

How many years of solar installation warranty do they offer? Lengthy 10 to 25-year warranties sound great on paper, but new solar companies may not be around in the coming years to honor their promise. Aim for established companies to ensure commitment.

Competitive Pricing

Solar installation agencies will often have similar pricing structures on equipment and services. Take a look around at the marketplace and see what’s out there. You can get a better idea about the pricing by asking around.

Call each solar installation firm you’re considering for price quotes. Add up the numbers to get an average amount and compare them. Find the best price for you and then make a final decision.

Solar Panel Installation Companies Near Me

Choosing the best solar panel installation companies near me takes time and a lot of research, but you can do it! Use the criteria from above to ensure you have the best company and service possible.

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