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Take a Vacation at Home by Doing These Things

It seems like the universe isn’t really allowing us to get out yet. With the threat of the Omicron variant, we’re seeing lots of mobility restrictions resurfacing. Who knows, we may get to spend the rest of the new year inside our homes again? You should be ready for the worst since it looks like we’re not certain about the future of this pandemic.

Because of the new variant, the surge of cases may warrant new waves of shorter lockdowns. This would definitely make you unable to travel again and get you stuck at home. Doing quarantines last year has taught people a lot about coping mechanisms. People have already thought of ways to take vacations at home.

In case you still don’t know how to do it, here are some ways you can take your vacations while staying cozy in your living space.

Take a Vacation Leave

You can start with doing something that people usually do if they want to take a vacation. Filing for vacation leave from work is the first thing you may want to do. You won’t be able to fulfill your vacation fantasy if you’re occupied with your tasks from your day job. Working remotely has become a norm for most who work in the office. This has somehow erased the boundary between work and personal life. Your workplace can remind you of your hectic tasks and schedule. If your living space becomes your workplace, your home would also remind you of the same things you were trying to escape at work. Getting your work out of sight for a day or two would help alleviate the stress you feel caused by your job. You can only do that by taking a break from work and filing a vacation leave.

Do All Household Chores in Advance

After getting rid of your work tasks for that planned house staycation, it’s time to do all household chores in advance. Household chores are essential, but they can interfere with your vacation. You have to have little to no tasks to do that day. What you can do is schedule an off-day for you to do your household chores in advance. That day should solely be dedicated to doing tasks that matter to you. Do all your laundry, so you’re done with this important process. Go to the supermarket and buy groceries. This can make you have more food to prepare when vacation time comes. Clean your house so you can have a lovely space to stay in for your staycation. Most of these tasks may be easy to do. But if you accumulate the hours doing all these, it may take a long time. Your vacation should all be about resting, so no household chores should intervene.

Your House’s Ambiance Matters

Last year’s lockdowns were a lesson for some to improve their houses’ ambiance. Those improvements helped some to make people feel good staying in their own living spaces. You can do the same to enhance your home staycation experience. From little things like repainting your walls to bigger improvements like changing your furniture could make a difference. You can even go bigger and look for swimming pools that’ll suit your backyard. Make your house feel festive by putting up colorful decorations. You can do any enhancements you want as long as they can improve how you feel in your living space. All housework should make you enjoy staying in.

Focus on Mindfulness

Taking a vacation also means taking your mind off your worries and stresses. It’s an escape from your busy work and personal relationships. Some people travel to focus on their mindfulness since traveling has positive effects on mental health. Since you’re going to do a staycation instead, you can replicate travel experiences by doing your own mindfulness exercises at home. You can start listening to mindfulness playlists on audio streaming sites. Do yoga at home or follow guided meditations. These types of practices can be your escape from the borders of your house. It’s going to be a vacation without leaving your place.

Invite Your Friends Over 

Have fun with your friends and make it feel like a vacation. Invite your most loved friends over and make your house a getaway spot. You can prepare food and booze for them. Or you can also let them help you prepare the food as a bonding moment. Play board games or binge-watch your favorite shows. There’s a lot of activities you can do with your friends without really going out. Staying in can be part of your new vacation habits.

As we wait for the whole world to finally open its doors for travels, you can still take a vacation while staying at home. Follow the tips mentioned above and make your staycation at home worth it.

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