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The Best Roofing Material for Your Home

Roofing is an essential part of any building, whether a home or a commercial building. Other than protecting the contents of the building, the roof determines the aesthetic value of the building. This implies that people’s impression of your home will be determined by how good the roofing is done. The relevance of the roof and the complexity in constructing them causes a need for experts in roofing. Attaining the best roofing Lubbock TX residents and visitors will admire requires you to contract an experienced and well-equipped company. Such companies’ technicians have a vast knowledge of roof designs and roofing materials depending on your needs. This article looks at some of the best and common roofing materials you can use for your home.

What Makes A Good Roofing Material?

Roofs are classified according to the material used in making them. These materials possess different properties and characteristics that make them suitable for a variety of conditions. In most cases, the roofing materials are used homogeneously for the entire roof. However, some contractors encourage using a blend of roofing materials for better performance and economic considerations. Here are some characteristics of good roofing material you should look out for.

  • Material’s durability-Your choice of roofing material should be governed by how long you want the roof to last. Having a durable roofing material means you will incur lesser costs in repairs and maintenance. Durable materials are usually resistant to adverse weather conditions such as snow and excessive solar radiation. Additionally, they are not easily broken when something is placed on top.
  • Material’s aesthetic value-As stated earlier, the roof determines how beautiful the house is. Additionally, the roof determines the comfort of the house in extreme weather conditions such as high temperatures. There are many materials with good temperature regulation properties; however, they are not considered beautiful by most homeowners. In controlled estates, your roof should match those of other houses to maintain the beauty of the neighborhood. Thanks to technological advancements, you can get a customized roofing material with the properties needed for any development.
  • Cost of the material-Financial considerations are essential in home construction and ownership. Roofing materials vary in cost depending on their availability and quality. Readily available materials should be considered since they are cheaper. Sourcing materials from a far increases construction costs to cater to transportation of the materials. Customized materials are usually expensive as they are not considered as a product in the manufacturer’s catalogs. Finding durable roofing materials help offset the costs of regular repairs and maintenance.
  • Personal preferences-A good roofing material should match one’s preferences for how their home should look. People have different beliefs and faiths about construction materials, including roofing materials. To be comfortable in a home, their houses should be roofed with materials that are in line with their beliefs. For instance, people inclined to environmental conservation might avoid using materials whose production leads to environmental degradation.

There are many other characteristics of roofing material that one could look at. Such characteristics are usually explained in detail when one visits a legitimate distributor of roofing materials.

Common Roofing Materials for Homes

As stated earlier, there are different roofing materials with different characteristics. These characteristics determine the performance of the roof. Here are some common roofing materials you might come across.

  • Iron roofing sheets- Iron sheets are the most common type of roofing material used around the country. They are thin sheets of metal usually nailed or screwed on trusses to form a roof. Irons are classified in gauges depending on their dimensions. They are relatively durable, especially when coated with aluminum, a process referred to as galvanization. Galvanization protects iron sheets from corrosion due to rainwater chemicals and sunlight. The main disadvantage of iron sheets is that they tend to fade over time if colored. This implies that one is limited when choosing a color if the roof is to be used over a long time.
  • Clay roofing tiles-Clay tiles are relatively common in the construction of luxurious homes. They are durable and over a beautiful look for the roof and home in general. As the name suggests, they are made out of clay heated at very high temperatures to achieve the needed strength. Installation of clay roofing tiles is relatively expensive as it requires skilled technicians. Additionally, the cost of acquiring clay tiles is relatively higher than other roofing materials. Due to their weight, you might need to invest more in constructing the roof trusses to hold the tiles in place.
  • Plastic (PVC) roofing-Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a commonly used material in modern construction. Plastic roofs come in different forms that influence how they are installed. In some cases, the plastic is distributed in a liquid state. The liquid plastic is then cast into the roof formwork after being mixed with other chemicals then solidifies to form a roof. A plastic roof can also be attained in already made plastic sheets and installed just like iron sheets. The main advantages of plastic roofing are that it is durable and cheap. Its resistance to ultraviolet radiation makes it last longer than other materials.
  • Concrete roofing-Concrete is the main material used in construction. Concrete roofing is popular in the construction of modern homes. Such roofs are durable and strong to provide additional entertainment and storage spaces where land is limited.

Choosing a roofing material depends on a wide range of factors. However, it is not easy to determine a material suitable for your home without consulting an expert. There are many options for roofing Lubbock TX has to offer. However, not all of them guarantee excellent results; the company you contract should have the required technicians and equipment to get the job done. Roof repairs and replacements are just as important as the initial roofing process. Having repairs or replacements done by an unskilled person could lead to more damage. To avoid regular repairs and replacements, the roof should be well maintained. This includes regular cleaning and close monitoring in case a leakage develops.

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