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The Fastest Ways to Paint a House in Kansas City

If you’re thinking of painting the exterior of your home in Kansas City and speed is one of your priorities, a major concern could be whether the quality of the painting will be compromised in your bid for fast ways of getting the job done. The truth is that fast and easy ways don’t always mean poor outcomes.

In this article, we present to you a few tips that can help you complete the painting of your home’s exterior faster and still get the best result possible. Visit our website for additional resources.

Get your house washed down

Your house will very likely require being washed before painting. If you’re wondering if washing your house is necessary, there’s a simple test to satisfy your curiosity: get a white cloth and wipe it across the wall of your home’s exterior and you will see the dust and soot that has accumulated over the years. Regardless of how fast you want your painting project to be completed, washing down your house is still recommended.

To clean your house, washing it down by hand is a very effective means, but more work-intensive. The alternative is pressure washing it, first with a soapy solution, and then rinsing it with clean water. Another option is to hose your house down thoroughly.

Whichever method you choose to go with, the aim is to eliminate all the dirt, dust, soot, etc prior to house painting in Kansas City.

Use the same or darker color

If your aim is speed, choosing to change the color of your home’s exterior may not be the way to go. The amount of work involved is significant when the new color is lighter than the one currently on your wall. The old color is very likely to be visible in some areas even if it was one-coat-painting. However, painting with the same color makes everything blend in.

If you are not sure what the present color is, you can either pull off the peeling paint from an area and take it to a paint store or consult a professional painter, which is always a better option.

If you’d like to change your color, you may want to choose a darker color than the present one. This makes the job easier and faster.

Don’t prime if not necessary

Part of what you need to know is whether a primer will be necessary before applying the paint. Ideally, applying a primer should not be necessary if the condition of your present pain is not bad and you have chosen to repaint it with the same color.

Of course, priming a few areas may be necessary such as wood filler, bare wood, areas affected by rust, and other problem areas. So, you may only need to touch unprimed and unpainted areas with the primer; not the entire building. A professional painter will be able to help you decide which areas need priming.

Note that if your topcoat is not pure white, an additional coat of paint may be necessary to conceal the primer. This is because primed areas are likely to show through the paint.

Limit paint scraping

When you consider the time and work that goes into scraping paint, you’d always prefer to go for the much easier jobs of rolling, brushing, or spraying.

One major downside to paint-scraping is that sections always seem to be interconnected. If the paint edges will stay down, you should probably let it be. With the new paint, the edges will be sealed and kept in place. So, you want to scrape until you get to an edge that is relatively solid, then stop there.

It is best to hire a professional house painter to do the job, especially if it involves removing all the paint from your house.

Roll the flat surfaces

If the flat surface you are trying to cover is a large one, paint rolling gets the job done faster. Unfortunately, this is not an effective approach with many siding types. For example, painting rolling shiplap siding is difficult.

Using a paint roller with an extension pole will help to cover wide flat surfaces and flat siding more quickly.

Spray detailed or large areas

Paint spraying is a great way to get the job done efficiently and faster even if your project involves large areas or lots of details. However, this method can also be a time-waster, as a lot of preparation is required to paint spray.

All surfaces that cannot be painted will have to be covered, at a distance of about 20 feet. You will need to cover delicate areas of the home’s exterior such as grass and foliage. This may not be necessary during the late summer when your lawn is probably not at its best. At this time, you may not need to lay down a cover to spay.

If your house has so many details, it means that brushwork will be necessary, which can make things slow. So, if you can mask unpainted areas with minimal effort and time, then it is recommended.

Is it better to spray or roll exterior paint?

Many Kansas City house painting jobs are done by paint rolling as it is a method considered to give a higher quality finish. One advantage it has over spraying is that it gives a much better coverage because it involves a thick application of the paint. Precision is also much easier with rolling and the risk of overspray does not occur.

A major advantage of spraying is speed. Because spraying allows for faster completion of the painting, you won’t be spending much on labor hours if you’ve hired a professional painter to do the job. That’s some extra dollars saved.

Bottom line

Painting your Kansas City home can be fast and effective, and there are a few ways to achieve that. However, the best way to get your house painting job done is to engage the service of professional painters. They have the knowledge, skill, and experience to get the job done.

To get a list of professional painting companies in Kansas City, you can check out the Home Advisor.

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