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The Growing Popularity of Secret Rooms

No matter how much effort is put into your home’s interior design, few rooms will ever make the same first impression as one that is secret. These concealed rooms have returned in popularity in recent years, with many homeowners seeking to reimagine the secret spaces often enjoyed in luxury homes and in movies. Whether accessed from behind furniture or opened with the click of an unassuming trigger, being able to welcome others into a hidden entertainment room or use such a space to hide away yourself for work and creativity, there are a number of reasons why you might benefit from taking on such a project yourself.

As the renovation project becomes more widespread in residences, especially those of social media influencers, there are a greater number of resources and ideas becoming available making it easier and more affordable than ever to get started on creating your own secret room. To give you inspiration, as well as some practical understanding or where to begin, here are some of the best contemporary examples and uses for hidden spaces in your home.

The Space

Finding the space within your home can be difficult. However, while you may not have an entire space room to offer, there are still be space found elsewhere, with utility closets and under-stair spaces being compact but nonetheless usable for a secret room. Some with limited space even choose to set up their secret room outdoors instead, concealing sheds and summer houses behind hedges and trees to create a mysterious garden escape. The space you choose should ultimately complement your intended use. So, while a home cinema may not fit under your stairs, a secret reading nook might fit well.

The Entrance

Once you have decided which space within your home will be transformed, the first port of creativity is to begin thinking about how to conceal it. Those hidden behind surfaces and furniture, such as walls and bookcases, are popular, as are those built into the reverse side of a wardrobe, which is a popular method for speakeasy bars, one that you may find in your local area today. Mirrors are particularly useful in making secret rooms less apparent as their reflections serve as a point of focus and distraction for those passing through the room.

The Secret

There are a variety of reasons why someone would create a secret room, from the decadent concealed en suite bathroom to the extravagant hidden home cinema.  As a greater number of people begin working from home, they become ideal spaces for a professional office, free from distractions. Security-minded homeowners may also wish to use the space as a safe room, one that can be used in emergency situations. Secret rooms can also be great fun for children, helping to keep their activities safe and their toys contained. However, be sure to keep secret room entrances accessible from both sides and without the ability to be locked, a rule that should apply to all concealed entrance designs.

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