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The Importance Of Lighting In Interior Design

Lighting is an important aspect when it comes to the ambiance and overall mood of your home. Lighting is a game-changer in home decor and should be thought out and carefully considered no matter what kind of residence you are staying in: homes, apartments, flats or office spaces. Giving attention to your lighting setup is far more important than you think.

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  • Understanding different types of lighting in interior designing

Overall lighting is typically the most important for utility and the more obvious type of lighting used in modern interior design. It refers to any main light source used for the overall illumination and brightening of the rooms. These types of lighting fulfil the basic requirements, making walls and surfaces look brighter and bringing life into any space.

Accent lighting is another type of lighting which highlights the architecture, design or decor features of a home. For example, a well placed pendant over a dining room table, a spotlight on a tasteful artwork piece or a floor lamp that brings attention to a piece of furniture are accent lighting. When being utilised properly, accent lighting can definitely revolutionise your interior.

Task lighting is used to fulfil a purpose within your space which could be used to provide some light for your kitchen area or to illuminate your cabinets for easy access.

  • Managing colour scheme in home decor

Colour is also an important consideration when choosing lighting for your rooms. Darker colours can sometimes make a room feel smaller and claustrophobic. Light-coloured walls can make spaces feel more open and welcoming. There is a wealth of information online about colour schemes and matching prints and patterns. There is something for everyone, from jazzy patterns to safe neutral tones. Depending on your personal preferences, you can select a theme that represents you and your character.

Lighting is one of the most important components in interior design and should always be carefully considered. The perfect design is all in the planning, knowing what you want your space to look like, and how you want your lights to influence the room and objects within it. Suitable lighting helps add a touch of elegance, sophistication and style to your home.

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