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The most popular home styles in Canada in 2021

Deciding what type of home to build for yourself and your family is tough. Of course, your budget, needs, space availability, weather conditions, etc., will play a major role in your decision-making, but at the end of the day, you will still have to decide on a specific style. Building your house from scratch is something you will probably do only once, so you need to make sure that you built something that you will like and enjoy for the rest of your life. When it comes to home styles, there are many options – so be sure to explore each and every one of them. We are also here to give you some guidance. Here are some of the most popular home styles in Canada in 2021 that you should definitely take into consideration.

Modern House

Well, it goes without saying that the most popular home styles in Canada in 2021 are the modern style homes. They are practical and simple. The size of them does not matter, so, you can build this type of home even in the smallest spaces.

Modern-style houses also put a lot of emphasis on the kitchen. The kitchen is usually big, and it is used not only for eating but also for entertaining friends and having family gatherings. The open-floor concept is very important too – the kitchen, living, and dining room should always be connected and have a good flow. Personal rooms, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, etc., are separated, that is, they are on the second floor.

When it comes to the interior design of the house, it is famous for having a lot of natural light, furniture pieces with sharp lines, home decor that came straight out of the magazine, etc.

Cottage House

In Canada’s colder regions, cottage homes are the most popular. They are exactly how you envision them – traditional-looking, warm, cozy, and with a lot of humble furniture. The exterior of the house is usually made of brick, and the interior is out of wood. Everything inside is wooden –walls, floors, and sometimes even ceilings.

These types of homes are usually smaller, or at least they have smaller rooms. This is beacuse people in those colder areas need to keep them warm all the time. The furniture inside is also warm – there are a lot of natural, organic materials.

When it comes to cottage-style houses, it is all about the comfort and warmth. So, if you are looking for something that is low-maintenance, and something that gives that family, down-to-earth kind of a vibe, this is something you should go for.

Moreover, if you really like the look and the style of cottage houses, there is no reason for you to build them from scratch. There are pretty much everywhere in Canada, just choose the one you like. And, when you find the one you like, just find some skilled teams that can handle the transfer of your belongings.

Country House

This is the kind of home you will also find everywhere across Canada. Country houses are famous for being spacious both inside and out. If you want to go with this style and make it just right, first you have to make sure that you have a big land to work with. You will not only have a big land for your home, but also for your patio, pool, barbecue area, and everything you can put in your country house style front and back yard.

Country houses usually have a lot of big windows, high ceilings, crafty furniture, and a lot of upholstery pieces. Most of the furniture is made of good-quality wood, but it is also padded with upholstery, and decorated with blankets, throws, pillows, etc. Rugs and big curtains are also a must.

The emphasis is on the space and on the big pieces of furniture that are practical and comfortable. And when it comes to decoration – it is minimal. The only decorative pieces that fit in with this style are pictures and family photos.

Ranch House

If you are a fan of old Canadian movies, you are probably familiar with ranch-style houses.  These are big, elongated houses, with usually just one floor, and a big basement. Modern versions have a small second floor for just one or two small rooms and a powder bathroom. Yes, these look exactly like those in the movies, so if this is something you want, just call Professional Movers Ottawa and move into your ranch home right now.

The exterior of the house is made of wood and has a big, elevated patio with a lot of outdoor furniture on it. And, the interior has an open-floor concept, with an emphasis on the living room. The living room is usually centered around a big fireplace made of brick – a perfect place for cozy nights with friends and family.

When it comes to furnishings, ranch-style homes are rather simple. Almost everything is made out of natural materials like wood and brick. Furniture is always simple, comfortable, and functional – sometimes also multifunctional.

West Coast House

This style originated mainly in West Vancouver, a place known for rough terrain. So, people living there had to be innovative in order to create a style of home that could fit into a not-so-smooth terrain. They came up with the West Coast style of homes – strangely looking geometric houses.

What makes these houses different from other houses you can find in Canada is that they have strange shapes. There is not some specific order to follow – rooms are usually scattered out without particular order. The only rule is that there must be an open concept on the main floor.

The materials used for making these kinds of homes also differ.  The emphasis here is on the glass – big glass doors, even bigger glass windows, and sometimes even glass walls. There are also wooden beams everywhere around the ceilings and hardwood on the floors. Furniture pieces are also mixed and matched; everything is okay as long as it is different! So, if you were planning to build a house that is one of a kind, this is something you should go for.

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