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The Most Popular Luxury Home Assets of 2021

Improving your home with a luxurious asset is a fantastic way to not only increase the value of your property but also to make it an enjoyable place to live, one of comfort and excitement. Throughout the experience of various lockdowns, such assets have become invaluable, with homeowners turning to their home cinemas and outdoor stone ovens to pursuit entertainment and interests.

There are a number of decadent property features becoming more popular each year and, in 2021, there are four that seem to be more ubiquitous than others. So, whether you are interested in keeping up with the Joneses, or want inspiration for your own future spend, here are the most popular luxury home assets of 2021.

Secret Rooms 

If you have the potential to conceal an entire room or to transform a nook into an entirely private retreat, you can enjoy one of the most decadent home features of the year. Secret rooms, concealed behind bookshelves or unassuming walls, are exceedingly fun ways to create your own secluded environment, one perhaps dedicated to a quiet reading spot or a mysterious bar area to enjoy with your friends.

Such spaces don’t require as much investment as you might initially think and, aside from their internal renovation, require only the clever obfuscation of their entry. Depending on your investment, this could be anything from a simple panel to a button-operated sliding doorway!

Smart Homes 

Being able to monitor your home from your watch, controlling the temperature of various rooms and sending intercom messages to family members elsewhere, is part of the technological reality of smart homes. No longer are keys necessary, instead, a personal device is all you need to unlock and enter your home. Sensors can detect when you leave your property and switch off lights and shut down devices. Controlling your home becomes effortless.

While the necessary devices, from lightbulbs to boilers, remain at a relatively high price point, the benefit they bring in comfort, as well as the long term savings of lower energy consumption, make them very likely to remain the best home luxury for some time. 

Summer Houses 

Our British gardens are easy to neglect, especially during the winter months when the weather is less accomodating to our being outside. As a way around this, homeowners are choosing to swap out their garden sheds and install summer houses instead. These spaces have amazing potential to become a comfortable extension of the home’s living space, but one that remains separate and private.

Some are being used as yoga studios, while others made into a dedicated family play area, perfect for children’s playtime without the concern of noise and mess extending elsewhere in the household. Whatever you choose, the extra floor space is an opportunity to earn a greater year-round return on your garden investment. 

Underfloor Heating 

Speaking of the British weather, while the charm of old radiators is appealing, homeowners are moving away from them and into more cost-effective and stylish heating designs. Underfloor heating manufacturers and installers have seen significant demand for their services over the past year as the home asset appears to have taken off. Not only do they effortlessly warm an entire room, more effectively than positioned radiators, but they will be the perfect reason to step out of your slippers too!

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