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Electric floor heating systems are becoming increasingly popular in newly built homes and older ones. This kind of heating system provides even and consistent heat throughout the house, making it highly efficient. Installing this type of heating system is not only a complex task but is also expensive. Whether you are renovating your home or building a new one, the following are some of the things that you should keep in mind while installing a floor heating system.

What kind of system should you install?

There are two types of under-floor heating systems which are available – electric and hydronic. One to opt for depends on whether you want to heat the whole house or just some areas. If you plan to heat individual areas like bedrooms or bathrooms, then an electric heating system is the best. The hydronic heating system is a much more complex system that has been designed to heat the entire home.

How old is your home?

When it comes to installing a radiant floor heating system, there is a difference between building a new home and renovating an old one. When you are making a new house, there is more flexibility as the flooring hasn’t been installed yet, and the system can be easily installed in the whole house. In new homes, there is also the flexibility to make the structure work around the heating system. Whereas in older homes, you would have to consider taking out the entire flooring to install the system.

Should you install the system in your main home or a vacation cottage / home?

The floor heating system is known for providing consistent temperature throughout the room or house for a longer time. The system doesn’t heat up quickly, but it slowly disperses the heat throughout the room. It is suggested to set the temperature and forget about it. Installing this heating system in the cottage or vacation home might not be the best idea altogether.

Where should you install the heating system?

As the name suggests, the heating system has to be installed under the floors. Well, this is done most commonly, and it is highly effective. However, you can also attach the same heating system to either your walls or ceiling. However, its efficiency might be compromised a little as it works best when installed on the floor. So you need to decide where exactly do you want to install the heating system.

What type of flooring do you have or should you have?

To get the best results from the heating system, it is best to install them under the flooring. When it has been established under the floor, you also have to consider the kind of flooring material that is going to be used. The under-floor heating material works best when the material of the flooring conducts heat well, like tile or laminate flooring. You can also opt for carpet. However, tile and laminate flooring are highly recommended.

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