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Tips to Decorate your Home with Indoor Plants

Bringing plants indoor injects colour and freshness and creates a comfortable atmosphere in your house. Plants are the inevitable part of everyone’s life. Interior décor can look so insipid without including the greens in the house. Besides improving home aesthetics, they clean the air by breathing in the carbon monoxide that you exhale and breathing out the oxygen that you require.

Creating a greenery environment in your house has a way of boosting your moods and calming your minds, and thus helps to reduce stress. They form an attractive point for living room and give you another reason to love life in the house-well, besides your kids, partners and pets.

You might have too many different plants but you can be in confusion of how to decorate it to make your interiors look beautiful. So here are some tips to decorate your home with indoor plants.

Plants on shelf:

Placing the plants on the shelf is a good idea for the people who live in small places. But dedicating an entire shelf to particularly place plants might look bland and boring.  You can use the shelf by placing multiple things such as books, decoration pieces and many more attractive things.

Having plants in pretty pots

Growing plants in pots which are colourful and have unique designs, makes you feel brighter and better and also creates the place interesting. The important thing is having a pot that matches your interior décor. Using a variety of pots can make any plant area looking more interesting. At Root Bridges, you can find multiple variety of pots such as ceramic pots with unique designs, plastic pots, coco coir pots, jute bags, etc.

Decorating small corners

You can place small plants in the empty corners of your room. Tiny pots in your home turns your home into a fantastic plant sanctuary. It will help to give a complete look of the room without taking too much of place. You can buy indoor plants online from Root Bridges, which also ensures to make quick delivery at your doorstep.

Find ways to mix colours and textures

When arranging a variety of indoor plants try combining plants with a slightly different leaf colour, texture and shape. When grouping plants in the same pot you could also experiment with putting smaller plants in front. Buy indoor plants with different sizes and varieties such as succulents, cactus, palms, etc.

Make a DIY display stand

You can create your own DIY stand at home with any waste materials too. Try to make it out colourful and attractive. This will also help to enhance your mood to decorate your home more attractive and thus shows your passion for your green babies.

Hanging plants

Hanging plants brings a gorgeous look to your living areas. Using small planters, it’s possible to keep a variety of wonderful plants that not only beautify the space but also add a new dash of freshness to the place. It brings a tropical and zen feeling to you and your family. If you want to get the best quality and variety, then buy indoor plants in India from online and claim amazing offers and discounts.

Creating and designing a plant loving home can certainly be challenging and you can get those indoor plants online easily.


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