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Top 4 little known facts about artificial grass

Most people know the benefits of synthetic grass, for example it’s low maintenance, long lasting, durable and looks good whatever the weather. SYNLawn synthetic grass is the leading brand of artificial grass in Australia and is ideal for both commercial and residential properties.

SYNLawn synthetic grass, however, is also made locally using yarn manufactured in Australia. So, unlike many other artificial turf products, SYNLawn is designed for the hot Aussie climate making it even more durable and long lasting. It’s also both pet and child friendly and is easy for professionals to install.

Even though these benefits are well-known, there are still other interesting nuggets of information that are not widely known – here are four that are worth a second look!

1.   Synthetic grass can be shocking!

You might have noticed that synthetic grass can hold a static charge and actually give you a little shock. This is nothing to worry about because it’s quite normal with synthetic turf and it occurs with many other synthetic materials as well. It usually happens when the air is very dry, particularly in newly laid synthetic turf or if there’s a metal gate in the vicinity.

Most people don’t notice this static charge in artificial turf and would be quite surprised to learn that it even exists. However, if it’s something that you have noticed, the quick and easy solution is to spray your synthetic turf with a light spray of water to harmlessly discharge the electricity.

2.   Will the grass colour fade from UV exposure?

One of the big selling points with high quality synthetic turf is that it doesn’t fade in the sun. This is particularly relevant in Australia, because of we have one of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world. The SYNLawn artificial turf is manufactured in Australia so it’s purposely made to withstand our high UV levels, a feature that’s achieved by adding UV stabilisers during the yarn manufacturing process.

3.   Artificial grass, BBQs and fire

When you install SYNLawn turf in your backyard, there’s no need to worry that you will start a bushfire when you turn on the BBQ. It’s true that artificial turf will melt if it comes into contact with hot objects or a fire, but it won’t combust into flames. Also, if your artificial turf has an infill of sand, since sand is not flammable, this adds an additional element of safety. The solution is to just be sensible and keep your BBQ away from synthetic turf, or even lay a protective mat in between them.

4.   What makes the grass fibres stand up?

A high quality synthetic turf has great resilience, which means that it springs back upright when walked on or when a heavy load has been removed. This is one quality that separates the higher quality artificial turf brands from the cheaper varieties. In fact, once the grass fibres of these cheaper brand synthetic turfs is flattened, they are unlikely to ever stand up straight again.

On the other hand, if the grass fibres of your SYNLawn turf don’t spring back immediately, just brush them upright and that should fix the problem. Of course, there are limitations to which you might need to engage the experts, like if it’s had an above ground pool sitting on it for a few years!

With the benefits that come from installing high quality, synthetic turf, it’s no wonder that SYNLawn is such a popular choice with many residential and commercial property owners.

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