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Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Tools that Agents Use in 2022

Real estate marketing tools have evolved a lot in the past few years as per the data collected from letting agents in Buckingham. It was not too long ago one had to drive around and look for the “for sale” sign. But now, things are very different right now. This digital era has paved the perfect path for estate agents and agencies to reach out to the ideal set of audiences.

In 2022, a estate agent can make use of various digital marketing tools to get the job done and also optimise every avenue of the business with these digital tools.

Real estate marketing tools can be divided into three types:

  • Real estate marketing tools for the content
  • Real estate marketing tools for building communication
  • Real estate marketing tools for the social media

Real estate marketing tools for the content:

Content is the future and the content industry has grown to a whopping $412 billion simply because it works! If you are invested in creating high-value content, it is an important and powerful tool for businesses to reach out to customers by providing them with the correct information that they require.

Here is a quick list of helpful tools that one can use to enhance the content marketing strategy in the field of real estate:

  • SEMrush
  • WordPress
  • Magisto
  • Moz

SEMrush is a tool that is a staple for many content marketers in the world, and it helps to recognise, analyse, and optimise SEO efforts that are being put within the organisation. It does not matter whether one is new to SEO or experienced, SEMrush provides all the tools that are required.

WordPress is common for people who have worked on blogs. It is very important for a content management system (CMS) which allows you to post content and manage it as well. There are lots of plugins available that you can utilise and improve your content.


One of the biggest marketing tactics at present is Magisto. At times creating a video makes more sense about a certain aspect of the company instead of writing a blog post about it. This is where Magisto comes in and helps ease out the process of video editing by making it more streamlined and efficient.


Moz is a tool that helps you to monitor and analyse the performance of your website. This SEO tool helps to provide insight into keyword rankings, domain authority scores and so much more. 

Real estate marketing tools for building communication:

Communicating is key no matter which industry it is. There are some very useful communication channels that you can use to improve your strategy:

  • Zoom
  • Slack


Zoom is one of the staple communication management for everyone. It is a great way for estate agents to talk to clients, colleagues and anyone you might be involved with regularly.


Slack has gained a lot of popularity in the light of remote work culture where companies and individuals can chat around the world. There is a wide range of options that can be available on this communication platform.

Real estate marketing tools for social media:

Social media has revolutionised the world with its platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These platforms are powerful tools that one can use for business and reach the most ideal audience.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube


Facebook is more than just seeing what other people are up to. It is a powerful tool for social media that can be used in favour of the real estate industry. There is a wide range of tools and features that help estate agents with Facebook Ads, interaction, etc.


The go-to app for sharing photos and videos is Instagram, and for estate agents and agencies, it is a huge opportunity. Based on hashtags and keywords, it lets you reach people who are looking for different types of properties, interior decoration ideas, etc.


When it comes to sharing photos, Pinterest is great at it too. This tool has quickly risen to the top of its business for letting people share ideas, photos, information and so much more. Pinterest lets you pin your ideas to a board so you can find them quickly.


Take advantage of YouTube in the form of targeted ads, create comprehensive walkthroughs, digital tours, etc. You can also embed YouTube Videos on your brochures and websites and send them via email to explain concepts.

To conclude,

Many tools have changed the way the real estate industry functions. We hope we can highlight the best ones for you.

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