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Top Tips for Recreating Your Home Office

Designing a home office that you spend all day in means you have to get creative. You want to be have a flexible space that suits your needs. You may want somewhere you can play games in, whether you visit NetBet Casino or suit-up in Call of Duty. You may want somewhere that friends can come over a record and write music wit you. You may want just simply want somewhere that you can organise and manage your business from. A home office is whatever you need it to be, as simple or as complicated. However, transporting that to your corporate office is difficult. Nonetheless, you can transport aspects of it, which can help personalise your space.

If you’re looking to recreate your home office set-up in the corporate offices, here are a few tips we can share with you.

Choose a colour palette 

You may have to ask permission from your immediate superiors if you want to change the colour palette of your workstation. If you receive permission to do it, choose a colour scheme that approximates the one you have in your home office. You’ll feel as if you haven’t left home. That sense of familiarity helps you to improve productivity.

Posters and Pictures

Nothing is more personal than the posters and pictures which represent your favourite things. Whether it be a photo of you dirtbiking, an action shot of your most cherished sporting moment, or a movie poster of the film you can’t help quoting from. Having these dotted around your station is great way to bring a little of yourself to work, communicating what it is that occupies your mind outside of work.

several portraits on top of white textile

Brighten up your space with colourful accessories 

Recreate the vibe of your home office with colourful accessories. This will make you feel more comfortable, and you’ll feel right at home in your workspace. Put a touch of your personality in your cubicle, and you’ll feel much better.

Personalise your screensaver and wallpaper 

Since most of the employees work with computers, you can change the wallpaper and screensaver to your favourite images if your company allows it. It will give you a semblance of comfort whenever you stare at your monitors.

Replace your chair with an identical model 

Another way you can recreate your home office is to replace the token office chair with an ergonomic chair that’s similar to the one you’re using at home. You may have to ask permission to do it, but if they agree, it will be a great way to ensure you’ll enjoy your workday more.

Place one or two potted plants 

Bring one or two of your potted plants to your workstation. These will remind you to take it easy when things become too difficult. You’ll also have something green to look at when your eyes feel tired from staring too much at your screens.

Bottom line

Recreating your home office will ensure your productivity in the corporate workspace. You can personalise it with a few choice selections.

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