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Types of Boiler Designs to Choose for Your Home

A boiler is an essential home heating system that ensures a hot water supply in your home. There are different types of boilers, and you should pick a well-matched boiler in your home. Your choice of boiler should meet your hot water demands. Moreover, boiler installers play a critical role, and you must choose professionals for the project.

Here’s How to choose a professional boiler installation.

  1. Seek a CP12 certificate.

 An expert gas installer will offer you a CP12 certificate for all gas applications on your premises. It will include defects and advisory tips according to gas safety regulations.

  1. Seek recommendations

Before hiring a boiler installer, seek recommendations from relevant parties and feedback from their customers. Ensure your installer choice has positive feedback and suggestions, such as boiler Southampton installers.

  1. Get an installation quote.

A competent boiler installer will provide you with a reasonable installation cost. This varies between companies, and you should have it in writing.

Here are the types of boiler designs to choose for your home.

  1. COMBI boilers

A combi boiler is a boiler that provides speedy hot water on demand. It does not require external hot water tanks or cylinders. The boiler is cost-effective and saves on power as you heat your water on demand rather than storing heated water in the cylinder. Again, the combi boiler gives you a powerful shower since it delivers hot water at high pressure.

Additionally, it’s easier to service the combi boiler. However, combi boilers will be incompatible if your home uses more than the bathroom at once.

  1. System boiler

System boilers are closed vent system that requires a hot water cylinder. But you will not need a cold water container or external component when setting up a system boiler since parts are built into the system boiler.

If you have a large home, a system boiler is a great idea to meet your hot water demand.

 A system boiler is perfect for anyone with minimal space. However, a system boiler is less effective than a combi boiler as it loses heat in the stored hot water. Again, it will likely run out of hot water if many people are using the hot water.

  1. heat-only boiler

Heat-only boilers deliver uninterrupted heat to your home radiator to produce hot water. The boiler consists of a switch that supports switching your boiler on and off when using it. But in an open vented boiler, you’ll need an empty tank and a cold water feed on the rooftop. It is an ideal choice for homeowners with multiple bathrooms. However, these boilers take up much space and attract higher installation costs.

  1. Storage COMBI boiler

A storage combi boiler has an internal hot water cylinder built into the boiler. It’s ideal if your home has a high demand for hot water but limited space. Additionally, a storage combi boiler is cheaper to install and is compatible with solar thermal panels.

Summing up


Installing an effective boiler in your home offers numerous benefits. Depending on your space and hot water demands, choose a boiler design that meets your needs. Also, hire professional installers to avoid costly installation mistakes.

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