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Types Of Water Dispenser

As suggested by the name, water dispensers help in dispensing water, both cold and hot, to the needful people through a tap motion. Right now, different types of water dispensers are available, mainly because of the growing requirement these machines have.

Most water dispensers have a refrigeration unit to cool or heat water as and when needed. These dispensers are primarily available in different form factors. From the bottle filler one to the wall-mounted water cooler, options are limited. Understanding the best types beforehand is essential. Thorough research ensures that you invest money in the kind you like.

Use of water cooler in multiple areas:

Previously, water cooler dispensers were restricted to commercial spaces only. These machines are installed in offices, shops, and such commercial zones. But, due to the growing popularity, some models are also designed for residential uses. So, the growth is on the rise. To make a suitable investment, focusing on the types is necessary.

Point of use coolers:

Among all the options under the bottom load water dispenser, you have the point of using coolers these days. The main aim of these coolers is to use the water line of the building and produce clean and filtered water.

  • These are the most economical options available and also environmentally safe.
  • This machine won’t need any plastic bottle and will utilize the running water already within the location.
  • Some of the models might also have a foot pedal to dispense off the water. It helps to create a touch-free option.

You can get hot and cold water dispenser options from the same source. Just make sure to check out the brand name before the final call.

Top-loading gallon coolers:

If you are looking for different options, then top load water dispenser might be a name you can rely on. These are also known as gallon water dispensers.

Here, the models will use heavy plastic gallon bottles, which will then be placed on top of the cooler, and the water gets dispensed using a nozzle.

Countertop dispensers:

Apart from the bottom load water dispenser the market has in store, you can try out the countertop dispensers for a change.

  • Such options are designed as water dispensers for the home, can fit on any countertop, and won’t take up too much space like commercial dispensers.
  • Apart from saving space, this type of dispenser has the power to offer multiple water types like cold, sparkling, hot, and so much more.

Check out the options:

Under the best water dispenser, you can even opt for the water + ice dispenser, where you can get either water or ice dispensed off the machine to cover your needs. These are a few of the many types of water dispensers available. Whether you are opting for a top-load water dispenser or the bottom-loaded one, focus on the brand name before investing any money.

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