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What are the common causes of air conditioner failure?

If you live in a place that experiences hot weather, then you are likely to own an air conditioner. With increasing global temperatures, the air conditioner is no more a luxury, but has become important for comfortable living. Enjoying the cool air of the AC during the peak hot summer season is indeed a blessing. But what if it stops functioning all of a sudden? Life can become miserable for your family members, both children and adults alike. In such cases, you will require calling in the air conditioner repair experts.

Why require air conditioner repair – Know 6 common causes

Refrigerant leak:

Your AC will fail to operate correctly if refrigerant is not present at proper level. Moreover, refrigerant is dangerous to the environment. If there is any leak, then it should be repaired as well as recharged immediately only by a qualified technician.

Faulty fuse or circuit breaker:

If your AC stops to function, then you should first check the fuse and circuit breaker. You may reset the breaker or replace the fuse if found damaged. Allow the system to cool down for about 15 minutes before starting it. In case, this does not help, then it can be perhaps a tripped high pressure limit switch. This problem is best solved by the licensed technician.

Damaged electrical contacts/connections, compressor, fan blades:

Once the AC has completed five years, it may frequently cycle on & off. If so, then it may risk premature failure. The experts can carry out air conditioner repair and maintenance tasks.

Frozen coil:

It is necessary to clean the air filter periodically. If damaged, then it should be replaced. Also, clean the ductwork. This will ensure avoiding frozen coil. Blocked ductwork or dirty air filters might result in air flow problems within the system thereby resulting in frozen coil. Visible inspection of the unit around or on the coil for frost should be carried out.

Faulty thermostat:

It could be that the thermostat fails to function properly. Moreover, the A\C could probably cycle on & off quite often or simply fail to work. You may consider the technological and digital thermostats available in the market. Some models can be set at particular times to adjust temperatures as desired or even controlled remotely.

Neglecting annual maintenance:

This is crucial to derive enhanced AC performance. Neglecting it will only increase air conditioner repair cost.

You may consult the industry professionals to undertake regular maintenance and repair services of your commercial air conditioning.

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