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What are the main causes of swimming pool pump failure?

It’s normal for pool pumps to fail, limiting the swimming pool services. In case of such an occurrence, follow these steps to find the solution to the problem.

Check the water level.

Skimmers start to take in the air when water levels drop. At this point, you will see bubbles and hear bubbling sounds in the pool water nozzles. Water pumps will be faster with slow revving. To solve this, open the valve to fill the pool with water and wait for it to rise to the correct level.

Clogged skimmer filter

A skimmer helps in sucking grass, leaves, and other small components on the water surface. When neglected for long, the skimmer will clog. It reduces the water pump pressure and the pump fails to work well. The swimming pool gets dirty faster. To solve this, open the skimmer lid, remove the filter, clean it and close it again.

Clogged pre-pump filter

The pre-pump filter works the same way as the skimmer. It collects large-sized debris in water before getting into the water pump. If the pre-filter pump gets clogged, pressure water pump pressure reduces. It thus affects the cleaning system. Remove the pre filter, clean the debris or dirt buildup and replace it. Ensure the cover is tight but not overtightened.

Clogged main water filter

You should clean the main water filter at least two times a year. When the cleaning duration exceeds the least set, it’s easy for the filter to clog. The result is a reduction in water pressure. The cleaning process won’t run smoothly due to the continued buildup of debris and dirt. Remove the cover, then outer and inner filters. Clean the filter elements and filter housing bottom.

It’s always advisable to check the swimming pool pump regularly to ensure it works well. When affected, the entire swimming pool malfunctions.

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