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What are the Real Health Benefits of Using a Steam Shower? Your Main Questions Answered

You may have already heard about some benefits of steam showers, but what you’ve heard may be just the tip of the iceberg. Steam showers are fast becoming a staple, not just in health resorts and saunas, but also in the average home – and for good reason. But if you’re thinking of investing in one, it’s always a good thing to know more about it and what benefits it can bring. It seems that the ancient Romans had a good thing going when they installed their wonderful steam baths. So what did they know that we don’t? What, indeed, are the real health benefits of using a steam shower? Here, your main questions are answered.

  • Better circulation

When you spend time in a steam shower, it can bring about better circulation and blood flow. The high temperature can enhance the blood flow throughout your entire body, and this process, called vasodilatation, can reduce vascular resistance and broaden your blood vessels as well. This also brings faster healing.

  • Faster healing

As mentioned, vasodilatation can promote faster healing. If you exercise or work out regularly, metabolic wastage can accumulate in your muscles, and this can result in fatigue and soreness. With a steam shower, you can flush out those elements from your system and emerge feeling more refreshed and revitalised. If you want the full effects, you can switch from a hot shower to a cold shower so it initiates and encourages the pumping of your muscles and capillary system. When you have enhanced blood flow, this can also relieve muscle soreness and pain in the joints. Once you emerge from the steam shower, your muscles will have relaxed and your cartilage and joint tension will have decreased. It’s similar to the satisfying feeling you have after stretching but much better.

  • Better skin

You may already be aware that steam can bring benefits to the skin as well. The reason for this is simple: steam can serve much the same way as a moisturiser, and the mix of moisture and warm air can open up clogged pores and allow them to absorb vitamins, oxygen, and minerals. With this, you can have younger-looking and more beautiful skin. When your pores are opened up, your skin can perspire and breathe as well, which allows for the better function of your cooling system, too!

  • Proper detox

When you are in a steam shower, your body will sweat. And when you sweat, the toxins in your body, along with certain chemicals, can be removed. It’s just like when you exercise – doesn’t it feel great to sweat afterwards? This is because you remove various pollutants from your body when you sweat, and you can feel a lot more energised and healthy.

  • Avoid colds and other respiratory issues

When you have a cold, mucus builds up in your respiratory system, and this causes irritation and congestion. But when you are in the steam shower, the mucus that has built up can loosen and ease your congestion. Whilst you’re in your steam shower, all you have to do is take a deep breath – and the warm air is guaranteed to decongest your nose and chest and help heal and ease other respiratory issues, such as asthma or allergies.

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