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What It Means to Renovate with Sustainability in Mind

Sustainable living is becoming a huge hit to consumers wanting to limit their impact on the environment. They try to do what they can to improve the way they live, from changing their everyday habits to how they invest their hard-earned money. In real estate, sustainability is trending in terms of home design and renovation. To make their homes more eco-friendly, homeowners are renovating their houses with sustainability in mind.

But the question is, what does it take to renovate your home the sustainable way? What does sustainability entail when it comes to home renovation? It is important that homeowners learn what sustainability is like so that they can better achieve their renovation goals.

But how do you renovate with sustainability in mind?

Choosing a home renovation instead of building your house from scratch is often the more sustainable choice. This is since renovating can involve reusing materials. You are essentially producing less waste, and there is a lesser need to use newly harvested materials.

Homeowners can do more than simply using sustainable materials and second-hand items to renovate the house. The following shows some of the best ways homeowners can sustainably renovate their homes.

Refresh and Maintain Before Replacing

Many homeowners would fall for the appliance and system replacement trap just so that they can enjoy more energy-efficient investments. But it is important to remember that recycling and reusing are crucial aspects of green living. What is the point of replacing your appliances and systems with energy-efficient ones when your existing ones are still in good condition?

For example, there is no sustainable reason to buy a new HVAC system when all you need is HVAC maintenance. Your heating might need care, or your air ducts require cleaning. Why replace everything and waste money if the more sustainable choice is to maintain and reuse your system?

Another example is reusing your old kitchen cabinets. When you still have cabinets in the kitchen that are in perfect condition, why replace them when you can clean and repaint them instead? You are better off updating your old kitchen cabinets than simply investing in a replacement.

Start with Small Projects

Not all homeowners can afford a complete home renovation in one go. When you have a limited budget, you can only tackle one room or a few improvements at a time. The sustainable way to tackle a renovation with a limited budget is by starting small.

Choose to make your home more energy-efficient so you can reduce your home’s energy waste. The less energy you use, the fewer your carbon footprint will be. You can start by replacing inefficient appliances that are now due for replacement. When it is time to replace our water heater, choose a solar one instead.

Choose Reclaimed

Some homeowners think that reclaimed building materials are actually of low quality. In reality, many reclaimed materials can last for a very long time. The trick is to find the right materials that will suit your home’s interior.

Reclaimed wood, for instance, makes use of repurposed wood. You no longer need to waste new timber only for these to end up in the landfill. Reclaimed wood already has a beautiful and unique appearance and does not require painting or staining.

Reclaimed materials also tend to be the cheapest building materials there are. This means you can save money by using these types of materials when renovating the house. You get to reduce your environmental impact while protecting your pocket from unnecessary expenses.

Donate or Sell Unwanted Items

We often think that no one will want the things we consider trash. These could be your old desk lamps, second-hand furniture, or those window treatments you no longer want. But you will be surprised to learn that many homeowners are actually into these types of treasures.

One way to practice green living is by choosing second-hand items or hand-me-downs when shopping. This way, you are recycling old things and giving them a new purpose. Even if you are not into using old furniture, others are willing to take your old items.

Consider selling your old stuff online, to thrift shops, or by setting up a backyard/garage sale. Those you cannot sell, consider donating them instead. You get to help others who can’t afford new items and turn your waste into valuable things.

Renovating your home should not be an excuse for increasing your impact on the environment. There are sustainable ways you can renovate if you only make the green choice. Enjoy that feeling of satisfaction by making your next renovation project a more sustainable one.

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