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Where to Find the Best Margaritas in El Paso 

If El Paso knows how to do anything right: it’s make drinking fun and exciting!  The Mexican food here is some of the best in the country, and the margaritas are always strong and delicious.

If you’re in town and want the best drinks you can find, it’s time to head to these awesome bars and restaurants.

Los Bandidos De Carlos and Mickey

What’s better than a bar started by a couple of friends?  You can get the regular margaritas, or you can get the large: which is a quart of margarita in a giant glass.  The experience here is fun, with a lively atmosphere, mariachi music, and delicious food.  

Locals have rated this the highest of any Mexican restaurant in the city, giving it a 4.9 out of 5 stars in over five thousand reviews.  

Andale Mexican Restaurant

Live music, legitimate Mexican food, and margaritas the size of a fishbowl?  You must be at Andale Mexican Restaurant!  The festive attitude and awesome service will keep you entertained and full until the moment you leave.  In the winter, many love the cinnamony Mexican hot chocolate, but the rest of the year, the margaritas are king!

If you order the comically large margarita bowl, it comes out with two bottles of booze sticking out of it and a warning that you shouldn’t drive home.  This is an amazing place to spend any night! 

Rosa’s Cantina

If you’re a fan of Marty Robbins, this bar will stand out!  Named after the infamous bar in the song El Paso by the country-western singer, this destination has a lot of great options and drinks without having to go through a gunfight to get them.  

The awesome drinks, fantastic food, and friendly staff make sure you enjoy every moment here.  Not only is the food extremely affordable, but the margaritas are strong and delicious, and this restaurant is awesome enough that it’ll make you start looking for El Paso houses for sale!


Live DJs know how to hype up a crowd, but the drinks and food in Malolam need no hype, man!  This fun industrial cantina offers twists on Mexican favorites, strong cocktails that will leave you spinning, and live music and DJs that will give you some rhythm to sway to.

This is a fun place to hang out and have fun on the weekends, but visiting during Taco Tuesdays is a stop everyone should make!  You’ll have the time of your life here.

ELEMI Restaurant

Maybe you want a more laid-back-styled restaurant.  This hidden gem in El Paso offers delicious drinks, incredible food, and woodsy vibes that feel more like a speakeasy.  Drinking and eating here is an experience you won’t soon forget, and the drinks are strong enough that you’ll want to come back to knock down a couple more!  Everyone here is friendly, and the simple menu ensures you never question what you’re ordering.

El Paso Understands Margaritas!

Whether this is your first time partying close to the border or you simply want to taste what the best margarita possible tastes like, it’s time to head to El Paso!  Each of these eateries and bars will treat you right.

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