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Work better from home with office supplies

Working from home might be challenging, no matter if you moved from an office to work remotely, or have you decided to start your own company. In both cases, you need a lot of supplies in order to make your home office functional.

What can be useful?

Before you start buying office supplies, stop for a minute and think about what you might need. For example, there is no use in buying a set of sticky notes, if you have no space to place them. Thus, before you get into frenzy, consider a smart list of supplies and go to to place an order.

Remember, that at the beginning of working at home it might seem, that you need pretty much everything. Start with some basics and then – buy more things, that will actually be useful for you.

Home office supplies – must have list

To work from your home, you obviously need a good working space. It should contain a spaceful desk and ergonomic chair, that will keep your back healthy and in good condition. This is the absolute must have for any kind of office. It doesn’t matter, if you spend 10 minutes or 10 hours at your desk – you need a good space, that will let you focus and finish the tasks at hand relatively quickly.

You can find both of the mentioned at Staples. If you know exactly, what you want to buy – just visit their site and place an order. If you don’t know, which chair/desk will be good for you – it might be a good idea to visit their stationery shop. That way, you will find the needed stuff in good prices.

Supplies for your office

If you have the working space all set, you can start figuring out, which supplies will be helpful. Obviously, it’s always good to have a pen and some sort of notebook/calendar at hand, but what about all the rest? For example, if you don’t work with printed data a lot and don’t copy it at all – you might consider getting a small printer instead fof bigger multifunctional device. If you have the space and funds – go on and buy the bigger one. However, if the amount of square meters you devote to your office is significantly limited, you might have to consider the smaller options.

Other than that, if you’re moving from your company’s office to work remotely, try to imagine, what you use every day at work and make a list of that stuff. Then, you can either find the nearest Staples shop in your town, or just make an order via Internet. With the second option, you get the possibility to save some time and make the order whenever you have time to do that – even in the middle of night.

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