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Buying a pizza oven is the ultimate way to take your outdoor cooking to another level, especially during summer. Thankfully, pizza ovens are versatile; they make amazing pizzas and can handle pretty much any baking task your indoor oven can, such as making bread. Buying an outdoor pizza oven ensures you can bake during summer without heating up your house.

However, shopping for a pizza oven is not one of the easiest tasks. You have to determine which models are worth buying and which ones are only a waste of your resources. You also have to think about the price and compare brands and other accessories. Consider the following aspects when evaluating outdoor pizza ovens.

Configuration; free-standing or countertop or built-in

There are different types of pizza ovens to evaluate when it comes to the configuration. A free-standing pizza oven stands alone in your outdoor kitchen or garden and allows for portability when needed. It is perfect if you are comfortable with the pizza oven occupying an ample space in your garden.

In contrast, a countertop pizza oven sits on your outdoor kitchen island or barbecue and uses the heat underneath to cook. It doesn’t include a mobile cart, but it is a great design if you have plenty of countertop space in your outdoor kitchen. If you want to make the pizza oven a focal point of your outdoor kitchen or space, you can also choose a built-in pizza oven that offers a permanent solution for all your pizza preparation needs.

Fuel options

When choosing a pizza oven, you will encounter different fuel types.

  • Wood-fired pizza ovens use wood and provide an authentic pizza preparation experience. Wood offers superior performance than other fuel types, but a wood oven requires a hands-on effort to give you consistent results.
  • Natural gas pizza ovens are excellent if you already have a natural gas line on your property. A professional plumber can also help you run a natural gas line to your outdoor kitchen space to run the oven conveniently.
  • A propane pizza oven can be connected to a large propane gas tank on your property or a small one placed near the oven. But you have to monitor the levels to avoid being caught off-guard when preparing your pizza.

Your budget and preferences determine your choice. Also, you can get a dual-powered oven that uses both gas and wood for versatility.

Oven size

The last thing to consider is the pizza oven size. You may have the luxury of choosing between a small, medium, or large pizza oven. A small one is a great option if you don’t use the pizza oven as frequently, but you still want it anyway. It is also perfect for a small outdoor space. A medium pizza oven is suitable for preparing pizzas when hosting small get-togethers and parties. Consider buying a large outdoor pizza oven if you have ample outdoor space, especially if you host large parties. It can also allow everyone to cook their pizzas simultaneously.

the takeaway

Always connect with an oven specialist to guide you through the shopping options.

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