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Important Tips on How to Choose the Right Parquetry Flooring

Flooring is one aspect of interior design that is often not given enough thought. It must be noted that flooring impacts all interior design elements and needs to be chosen carefully. Parquetry floors in Melbourne have become quite trendy because of their look and feel. This wooden flooring style has now gained immense popularity in commercial spaces too.

Parquetry, as we all know, involves an arrangement of wooden tiles in uniform patterns. Like mosaic flooring, parquetry flooring comes in a variety of patterns ranging from squares, diamond shapes, triangles, and so on. This flooring has never gone out of style and is a classic. This flooring can be added to kitchen floors, living rooms, study rooms, bedrooms, passages, hallways, and most other areas.

Parquetry floors sure display a sense of uniqueness and sophistication but they need to be chosen carefully. The biggest advantage of parquetry flooring is its ability to blend with all kinds of aesthetic elements in the room. Be it a contemporary corporate space or a traditional residence, these floors are versatile enough for all kinds of properties.

Just like wallpapers and furniture settings, selecting the right parquetry floors also entails careful consideration.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Parquetry Floors in Melbourne

  1. Choose a suitable Parquet Type

Parquetry floors have two major types – namely solid parquet and engineered parquet.

Solid parquet is the traditional form of parquet which includes 100% solid wood boards. Solid parquets are usually made from oak, ash, birch, maple, teak, and walnut and cost relatively more as compared to engineered parquet.

Engineered parquet, on the other hand, comes in three layers. These layers are fixed by the manufacturer to form one board. The board is made from three different materials wherein the base is made from high-density wood fibre, the centre layer is made from blockboard or wood fibre, and the top layer is made from solid wood.

Both these parquetry floors look similar but the crucial difference lies in the budget and materials used, and this can affect their durability.

  1. Opt for an ideal Parquet Flooring Colour

Basically, every wooden flooring can be divided into three primary shades- light, medium, and dark. The shade selection has to be careful because it impacts the overall look of the parquetry flooring. Check the size of the room and the amount of natural light it receives to decide the right shade. It is best to go with a shade that can blend with most furniture and décor styles.

  1. Select the right design

Parquetry floors are patterned and come in several different designs. The range of designs available in parquetry flooring in Melbourne has improved considerably. Opt from simple geometric prints or go for complicated intricate patterns, the choices are endless. Consider the room you are getting the flooring for to make an apt choice. One can also take help from a professional to select the right design as per the room space and décor.

  1. Learn about the parquetry floor installation

Apart from selecting the shades, design, and finish, it is also necessary to know about its installation process. Usually, parquetry floor installations are divided into three categories- floating installation, glued installation, and pose nailed. In most cases, the floating installation technique is used because it is economical.

  1. Manage your budget

It is easy to go overboard when it comes to interiors. Make sure you consider things like installation charges, parquet flooring material, texture finishing charges, and labour costs to fix a budget.

These five factors will help you select the right parquetry flooring for your space. Along with the selection, it is also recommended to enquire about the care and maintenance of parquetry flooring to keep the finish of the flooring intact. Revamp the aesthetics of your space with the right parquetry flooring in Melbourne keeping these important points in mind.

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