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What Colour Hardwood Floors are in Style 2021?

Just like many other things, hardwood flooring is evolving. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that colour hardwood floors are improving as lots of individuals are choosing different options. In 2021, some colour hardwood floors are in style; hence, you may want to consider installing them in your house.

Below, we will describe some of the colour hardwood floors in style in 2021.

·      Grey hardwood floors

Since grey hardwood flooring is neutral and natural, it is not strange that it is one of the colours in style. In 2021, many individuals are choosing this colour; hence, you may want to consider going for it too.

One of the great things about grey hardwood floors is that it is often easy to stain. Its neutral look ensures that you can use staining to hide blemishes, dents, and scratches.

·      Whitewashed floors

Whitewashed floors have been trending for several years and are still in style in 2021. With this colour hardwood flooring, you can create a muted look that can look amazing for different homes. You can even combine your whitewashed floors with a matte finish to create a more exotic look.

·      Chocolate floors

Chocolate-coloured floors can add improve the look of your living space, corridor, etc. This colour has some sort of opulent feel while still hiding any blemishes on the surface of the hardwood. Additionally, with proper cleaning and maintenance, chocolate hardwood flooring will always look new every time.

In 2021, this colour is often combined with different backgrounds. Some examples include orange, ash, or blue-coloured backgrounds.

·      Black floors

Like grey-coloured floors, black hardwood flooring is another neutral colour that is easy to pull off. This simple yet beautiful hardwood colour signifies class and sophistication. Besides, it blends with steel, glass, and clean lines. As a consequence of this, black hardwood floors are often used for homes with minimalistic designs in 2021. Add some light-coloured walls, fabrics and furniture to avoid having a dull and melancholic ambiance in the living space.

·      Blonde coloured hardwood

Blonde coloured hardwood is another colour hardwood that has remained relevant in 2021. When used for a room with lots of natural light, blonde-coloured hardwood flooring will make your room look bigger and brighter than it is. It doesn’t require much effort to maintain and is suitable for families with pets and kids.

You can combine your blonde-coloured hardwood floors with a wide range of furnishing and wall options. While you can go for light-coloured walls and furnishings that complement the floors, dark-coloured ones can add some contrast to your living space.

·      Brown colour

Unsurprisingly, lots of homeowners have been using the natural feel of brown colour floors to increase the elegance of their homes. Brown-coloured floors come with some sort of warmth that can improve the mood of everyone in your building. So, if you want to install new floors in 2021, consider brown-coloured hardwood flooring.

Which of these eye-catching and trendy colour hardwood floors do you like?

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